Disabled-RestaurantChain-ClientsApp Development


App for a specific restaurant chain where the user can order food or book a table

Getting started

To get started using any Sinqro API you need to create your developer account

Once in your developer panel, create an app integration:

  1. Go to Apps
  2. Click on New App
  3. In the form, select Disabled-RestaurantChain-ClientsApp Development
  4. Wait for your app request approval

Once your request has been approved, you can manage your app details and get you API credentials (required to call our API as you will see in the API Security section)

API Environments





API Security

About your credentials
In order to get your credentials, you need first to create your App. You can find the steps at Getting Started section.

All services of this API require an authorization token sent in headers ‘x-api-server-access-token’.

You can get your app assigned token in your developer panel.


Most of this API services require an authentication token sent in headers'x-api-user-access-token'.

You can the retrieve the user token with a successful request to the login API service.

API Reference