Integrate an external app for a delivery platform drivers


Your client or company must have a Sinqro Delivery account

Getting started

To get started using any Sinqro API you need to create your developer account

Once in your developer panel, create an app integration:

  1. Go to App Integrations
  2. Click on New App Integration
  3. In the form, select Integrate an external app for a delivery platform drivers
  4. Wait for your app integration request approval

Once your request has been approved, you can manage your app integration details and get you API credentials (required to call our API as you will see in the API Security section)

Use Cases

We're sorry, we are still working in the GUIDE for this case. For now you can only access the API reference.

Delivery Driver App API Basics





About your credentials
In order to get your credentials, you need first to create your App Integration. You can find the steps at Getting Started section.

All API services require an authorization token sent in headers ‘x-api-server-access-token’.

You can get your app integration assigned token in your developer panel.


Most of this API services require an authentication token sent in headers'x-api-user-access-token'.

You can the retrieve the user token with a successful request to the login API service..


Error codeHTTPError message
CANT_ENROLL_TO_CANCELLED_DELIVERY_SHIFT400Can't enroll to cancelled delivery shift
CANT_ENROLL_TO_FINISHED_DELIVERY_SHIFT400Can't enroll to finished delivery shift
DELIVERY_ACCOUNT_REQUIRED400Delivery account required
DELIVERY_NOT_FOUND404Delivery not found
DELIVERY_SHIFT_DOESNT_ALLOW_ENROLLMENTS400Delivery shift doesn't allow enrollments
DRIVER_ALREADY_ENROLLED_TO_SHIFT400Driver is already enrolled to this shift
DRIVER_CAN_NOT_CREATE_NEW_SERVICE_FOR_SELECTED_TIME400Driver can not create a new service for selected time
DRIVER_NOT_FOUND404Driver not found
DRIVER_NOT_VALIDATED400Driver not validated
DRIVER_ONDUTY_CAN_NOT_START_NEW_SERVICE400Driver on duty can not start a new service
DRIVER_SERVICE_REQUIRED400Driver service is required
DRIVER_SERVICE_STATUS_TYPE_NOT_FOUND404Driver service status type not found
EMAIL_ALREADY_IN_USE400Email is already in use
EMAIL_REQUIRED400Email is required
ERROR_CREATING_ADDRESS400Error creating address
INACCURATE_ADDRESS400More accurate address is needed
INVALID_EMAIL400Invalid email
LASTNAME_REQUIRED400Lastname is required
LOGIN_ERROR400Incorrect user or password
MOBILE_REQUIRED400Mobile is required
NAME_REQUIRED400Name is required
PASSWORD_REQUIRED400Password is required
RECOVERY_CODE_NOT_MATCH400Recovery code does not match
RECOVERY_CODE_REQUIRED400Recovery code is required
TRANSPORT_TYPE_NOT_FOUND404Transport type not found

Delivery Driver App API Services